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The Virtual Home Tour: Selling your Home in the New Normal

Digital technology has played a big part in not only keeping the real estate industry afloat despite the pandemic but also in letting it thrive remarkably. Virtual home tours, in particular, have allowed buyers to safely view homes remotely and empowered sellers to effectively market their properties even in the specter of the ongoing health threat.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re planning to host a virtual home tour:

  1. Map it out:

    Make sure your virtual home tour is systematic by planning the presentation order of certain areas of the home. Try to see things from the buyer's perspective – as if you’re the one being walked through. From there, you can come up with a route that you will follow as you walk them through the living room, the kitchen, and the different rooms.

  2. Declutter and Spruce up:

    Before going live or shooting the video tour, the house should look pristine and orderly. You can achieve this by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering your living spaces. As you declutter, remember to keep the items inside your shelves and closets organized as some more detailed buyers may want to peek into these as well.

    Even if it is a virtual home tour, doing a quick polish of the entire place is a good idea. While some buyers will be calling via Zoom or FaceTime, they may have their agents on site to help them navigate in areas that warrant more scrutiny.

  3. Don't neglect lighting:

    Proper lighting can do wonders for your home. Make sure there is enough of it when you are conducting the home tour.

    Natural lighting is still the top option when bringing out your property's best features. Open up drapes or window shades and turn on the lights to eliminate shadows and dark spots around the house. Accentuate or complement it with artificial lighting, especially in areas where natural light cannot reach.

  4. Hire professional Videographers or DIY:

    For quality and expert-level videos of your home that are superbly composed, enlist the services of professional videographers who specialize in real estate tours. These professionals utilize cutting-edge 3D technology to create captivating home tours.

    However, if you are adept at video editing and 3D manipulation, you can seek the help of your real estate agent in coming up with great videos using virtual tour software. Check out the best software options for this endeavor here.

  5. Allocate time for Q&A:

    One difference between a virtual and in-person home tour is that buyers will not be laying eyes directly on the property. They might miss some details or areas that would normally catch their attention. Or they may need more information about the house itself.

    Allot some time before the end of the virtual tour toward answering questions by the potential buyer and/or their agent. This gives the buyer an opportunity to remove any lingering doubts about purchasing the property. It will also benefit you as this can help expedite negotiations toward a timely sale.

    Virtual home showings may have been around for quite some time already but have grown in popularity only now due to the recent need to adhere to social distancing measures and other safety protocols. Let the United Realty Group’s years of experience in applying the latest technologies in the world of real estate work in your favor.

Published on September 30, 2021
Contact us at 888.964.1977 or send an email to info(at)united(dotted)re.
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