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Who We Are and Why You Belong Here

United Realty Group is a boutique real estate company that prides itself on providing an intimate working environment where all brokers and associates receive professional support at every stage, provides a clear and tangible path to success, and allows for maximum room to grow and fulfill all your individual ambitions.

You belong at United if you are someone who has a real passion in real estate. When you join our team, you enter a family - a group of people who are driven by the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives on a daily basis.

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    United Culture

    Every single one of our agents is profoundly important to the success of our company, which is why as a member of our team, we would have a vested interest in facilitating your personal success. Everyone on the United Team is profoundly important for the success and prime goals of the company, which is why we are determined to invest into your personal and professional accomplishments.

    From our uniquely tailored mentoring program, to access to industry leading software and marketing tools all at no charge to you, it matters to us that you have everything you need to be the best real estate broker you can be.

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    United Training And Mentoring

    The benefit of being part of our company is being surrounded by a specialized group of individuals that will train and mentor you throughout your entire journey at United. You will receive one-on-one guidance from people who are uniquely brilliant in their individual fields.

    With an ever changing and rapidly evolving real estate industry with regards to technology, marketing strategies, and means of connecting with clients, it is our responsibility to assure that you are always trained to fully take advantage of all the cutting-edge resources that are available.

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    United Marketing Vision

    Needless to say, we take advantage of the modern forms of marketing including Social media, Influencers, Affiliate Primary and Secondary Listing platforms, and Direct to Consumer strategies - but where we really stand apart from other agencies is our commitment to building real personal relationships with the community which we serve.

    We exclusively work in the “Greater Chicagoland” area - almost every member of our company has lived in this city for the majority of their lives, and continue to build their careers and families within it. This level of community involvement, neighborhood familiarity, and cultural awareness cultivates an intangible level of trust that ultimately makes all of our marketing efforts that much more effective.

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    Your Success Story

    Our privilege as a company is not to determine what your success story looks like to you, but to provide an environment which empowers you to manifest a success story of your own design.

    United Realty is a place for people that are excited by the limitless potential of their careers, are happy to come to work where they feel supported and uplifted, and are fulfilled by the opportunity to better peoples’ lives while simultaneously bettering their own.

    If that sounds good to you, then you belong at United!

    The United Plan
    We are one Team, one Vision, we are United!

    Our business is structured to empower you - we have found if each realtor is thriving to their fullest, then the business flourishes not only from a fiscal standpoint, but from a cultural perspective.

    To achieve this we have implemented many initiatives including, but not limited to:

    • A commission model that is an attractive reflection of all the hard work you do as a broker
    • Top tier management support, full access to traditional and digital marketing, personalized branding, and individual VPN access.
    • A culture of cooperation and support from the administrative and marketing teams offering variety of perks at no cost to you.
    • NO FEES! Foregoing of all franchise, monthly, marketing, and tech fees, which are so often incurred by agents at other brokerages.

    Our vision from the start has been to nurture a working environment where you are rewarded for your hard work, where you have a clearly defined path to your success, as well as all the tools and support you need to achieve it.

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