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Making the most out of Limited Condo Space

For many condo owners, one of the biggest challenges to living in this type of residential property is the lack of space. However, there are ways to make every inch of space useful to you, given a dash of creativity and great advice from experts.

Try out these simple tips in maximizing your condo space:

Take stock of the entire space

Before anything else, take out a pencil and paper then sketch a rough outline of your condo. Identify and mark areas that require some space maximization. Doing this helps you to plan ahead and organize your ideas. After making the necessary adjustments and improvements, later on, you can revisit what you initially drew to see if you missed anything.

Invest in multipurpose furniture

When it comes to maximizing space, multipurpose pieces do an incredible job.

From versatile sofa beds to adjustable kitchen islands that can adapt to a number of occasions, you can save a lot of space while ensuring that your home is equipped with the essentials.

They come in a number of designs so find the pieces that will be suitable to the look and feel of your Chicago condo.

Utilize vertical space

In condo living, every inch of space is valuable – even vertical space. This is where wall-mounted storage and vertical bookshelves prove to be useful.

A number of condo units utilize these types of storage options to store books, memorabilia, portraits, and other small items.

Be strategic when placing these throughout the condo. Considering that these are relatively large fixtures, you might end up inundating your room with vertical storage instead of saving on space.

Focus space-saving efforts on frequently used areas

Among all the areas in your living space, be it a condo or a single-family home, expect the highest human traffic in the kitchen and living room. Prioritize these areas when you are trying to maximize space.

In a busy kitchen, you will want your often-used food preparation and cooking utensils and condiments to be easily within reach. A hanging rack or wallmounted pot and pan holder can act as additional storage areas.

Meanwhile, in the living room where most condo owners and their guests congregate, you will want furniture that is both multipurpose and stylish. A sitting bench with an under-storage compartment for shoes may be a good option.

Harness natural light

If you have access to a good amount of natural light streaming from your windows, use it to your advantage. Shine some light on those dark and shadowy areas. Harnessed correctly, natural light can make any space appear bigger than it actually is.

Keep shelves and other large items from obstructing the flow of light from the windows. Additionally, use wall mirrors that will allow light to bounce and reflect in other areas of the condo.

Whether you are looking for a condo, an apartment, or a single-family home in Chicago, real estate experts from the United Realty Group can assist you. The team’s "people first" mentality and mastery of new technologies set them apart in the industry.

Published on October 13, 2021
Contact us at 888.964.1977 or send an email to info(at)united(dotted)re.
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