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How to Sell your Chicago Home Fast

Whether you are selling your home to get a substantial return on your investment or using the sale to finance a bigger home purchase, it is important to complete the transaction as quickly as possible.

To ensure your listing doesn't stay on the market for too long, follow these helpful tips.

Don't skimp on undertaking crucial updates for older houses

You are still bound to find a good number of classic-style homes dating back to the early 1900s in Chicago. In fact, over 46% of houses here were built before 1940.

Vintage homes may take a longer time to sell since most buyers gravitate toward relatively newer homes, but it's not impossible to meet your closing timeline. To make these homes stand at the same level as the more modern ones, the homeowner has to invest in important home renovations.

Get new bathroom vanities if the bathrooms have not been refreshed in a while. Apply a new finish to floors and explore color options on the darker end of the spectrum. Install new counter-tops and cabinets if needed.

Keep things tidy and free of clutter

Aside from making your home look good during home showings, keeping things clean and free of clutter allows potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home. You can do this by putting highly personalized decorations or memorabilia in storage, away from buyers’ eyes.

Add or upgrade the outdoor area

Many buyers these days want to own a spacious home with more special amenities. This preference stems from the increased indoor time due to physical distancing protocols. Thus, having a relaxing outdoor area within your property can be a good selling point.

One great and home value-boosting idea is to add a patio. Make sure this outdoor addition’s style will complement the overall theme of your home’s interiors. For instance, a modern furniture set goes best with a contemporary home.

Just as you want to avoid clutter indoors when showcasing your home to buyers, you should also strive to achieve that clean-slate look outdoors. Thus, remember to keep things simple and straightforward as you redesign your outdoor space.

Know your ideal buyer

Any architectural or aesthetic updates to your home for sale should be inspired by the specific buyer profile you aim to entice.

Homes in Lincoln Park or Logan Square usually integrate classical or traditional elements. If your home for sale is located here, you may want to attract buyers who are particularly interested in vintage homes.

On the other hand, houses located in trendy neighborhoods like Bucktown and Wicker Park will look more modern. These properties may appeal more to millennial's and Gen Z.

Hire a Seller's Agent for best results

If the best results in your home-selling journey are what you want, work with the United Realty Group. You can rest assured that knowledgeable and reliable agents from the team can help you navigate the Chicago real estate market and sell your property reasonably fast.

Published on October 9, 2021
Contact us at 888.964.1977 or send an email to info(at)united(dotted)re.
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