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V alentin Eylin Real Estate Broker

Valentin Eylin is exactly the real estate expert you can trust to deliver your dream home! Purchasing a home is considered one of the largest transactions that someone will make in their life, and it is vital to have proactive and determined REALTOR by your side. A combination of Valentin's interpersonal skills and entrepreneurial drive has resulted in an individual with strong negotiation skills, a desire to continually grow and improve himself, and a "no-quit" attitude. His access to new-age techniques, countless marketing sources, and experience will make selling, buying, investing, and leasing a pleasant experience.

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1990 and emigrating to Chicago in 1994, Valentin spent nearly three decades becoming familiar with all the diverse areas of Chicago. What truly sets Valentin apart from others is his honesty, diligence, and time management abilities. His proficiency in speaking, reading & writing in Russian, Spanish, and English allows him to communicate and negotiate with far greater quantities of businesses and individuals. Valentin received his Business Degree from Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. The intense focus on new-age techniques and the need for profound changes in the business environment led to Valentin's expertise in revolutionary marketing, advertising, communications, and business development. Valentin's previous tenure at DePaul University in Lincoln Park and downtown Chicago introduced new cultural landmarks, historic attractions, and in-depth knowledge of the area.

Valentin spends his time outdoors, enjoying rain, sun, and snow while exploring new areas by foot, bike, or car to maintain a healthy and forward-thinking lifestyle. His ideals include conserving the environment, aiding those in need, and cleaning up his local community. He thinks globally and acts locally as each little act is proactive and enacts change.

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