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M ark Kelner Real Estate Broker

Born and raised in the greater Chicagoland area, Mark Kelner has been cultivating his passion for this incredible city since childhood. What sets Mark apart, is his truly intimate familiarity with every corner of this city. Mark hosts a degree in Biology from Loyola University Chicago. This scientific and analytical background is what sets Mark apart from the traditional agent. Attending university in Chicago allowed him the experience of getting to know all that this city has to offer with regards to entertainment, culture, restaurants, nightlife, hot spots, parks, and other facets that will uniquely influence real estate cost, and your overall experience both as a buyer as well as a seller.

A home journey is an extremely pivotal part of a family’s life. Having the opportunity to be there during this wonderful journey is part of who Mark is. To be able to work with clients from start to finish is truly satisfying and important. Living in the modern age of technology Mark has been able to utilize every facet of the latest advancements in Real Estate for the purchase and sale of properties. The art of buying and selling comes from deep-rooted connections and experience that Mark possesses.

Aside from business Mark is constantly improving himself as a person. He has an emphasis on staying active both physically and philanthropically. Enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, and all-around staying involved. Mark is also passionate about contributing to the vibrancy of Chicago, with his decades of work with the Lisker Music Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to infusing the music scene of Chicago through its acclaimed classical concert series, scholarship opportunities for young students, and outreach programs.

Client Reviews
I’ve been holding this in for a minute because I had to wait until all the paperwork was signed and keys in hand so here it is. Mark Kelner is second to none in the real estate game ESPECIALLY in the current market where houses are there one day and gone the next, 10-30k over asking price, and homeowners left uninformed with thousands of dollars in repairs needing to be done. This thankfully was not our experience and it’s in large part to Mark’s experience, knowledge, and drive for his clients. He was always responsive, and I stress ALWAYS. The search: Mark got us set up with the MLS listings the day we texted (I recommend having a Microsoft or non-Gmail email set up for the emails as my Gmail typically had issues receiving the automated emails) Mark HAND CURATED a list of homes for us to view that met our criteria. We gave him the houses we liked or that we REALLY wanted to see, and he balanced it with his own recommendations based on what we told him. The man never missed. He was so skilled we almost made an offer on our very first viewing day (we ended up making an offer on our current home the next week). When viewing the house, he will always b line it for the hearts of the home (aka: the HVAC, water heaters, and ac aka: the expensive stuff) he also looked at windows and roofing. These are big ticket items and if they need to be replaced sooner rather than later it’s a REALLY good practice to keep people informed (kinda like putting the shopping cart in the corral after you’re done. Do you have to? No. But it’s basic human decency if you do). This was not to replace an official inspection, but it absolutely impacted our decision making. He was also amazing at informing us on how the market was doing, what sellers were looking for, and what to expect should we want to move forward on any given home. To give you an idea of his dedication he looked up whether the houses we liked were in FEMA flood zone areas. Find me a better example of dedication to a client…..I’ll wait. Negations & legal review: As most realtors do, he’s got his list of recommendations. Had this experience been anything but what it was we would’ve shopped around. Believe me when I say: trust this man. Trust his team. Mark is good people and not JUST good people but good WITH people. Trust is something built slowly over time, it’s cultivated through experience and follow through. If you are not trusted, or trustworthy it shows. Mark & his team (aka Jeff & Gabriel) we’re bar none. From Jeff in our corner surrounding closing credits and the legality of things to Gabriel being our financial wizard we felt secure in our decision but even more importantly supported in our decision to go elsewhere if we wanted to (you know when someone tries to sell you on a partnership, but you end up getting screwed over? This was NOT that because of Marks amazing ability to communicate cross collaboratively we not only felt secure in our decision but really like we had these folks in our corner. They said they would do something, and they did it, and they kept us apprised of pretty much every single change that took place until we could close. The closing: It was great to see Mark again for our final walkthrough and closing date (which we were able to move up by a whole week.) He made sure all the i’s were dotted, t’s were crossed, and snacks were grabbed. All while presenting us with a lovely handwritten card, spooky snow globe (as bones are harder to find *inside joke please don’t sue me* unless they fall out of a chimney)and a bottle of celebratory champagne. It was such a personal little touch that just solidified the amazing experience we already had. There is nothing we could give this man to thank him for the effort he put into finding us our home, fighting to make sure we got the best, and generally being a friend to us throughout this whole process; but we hope the 17-year scotch will suffice for now. Mark you are welcome over for borscht and dog snuggles anytime, thank you so much for all you’ve done for us!
Ren & Alex
Mark was great to work with from the start. He helped my family both sell our condo in the city for a great deal and purchase our home in Buffalo Grove. He is very driven - it feels like he never sleeps! He will do whatever it takes to get across the finish line in everything from scheduling a difficult showing & negotiating a close to assisting with what happens when your offer gets approved. He is knowledgeable, patient, and reliable. I really couldn't have asked for a better partner in this big of a life process. Thank you, Mark and team!!
Mark was great
Mark has sold several investment properties for me in Chicago. He's a top negotiator, getting max price, as well as knowledgeable professional. The support team at United, has fantastic communication and we will continue using this team in the future.
Mark is A-A-A-A-A-MAZING! We were on the market for a long time with another realtor and missed 2 houses - our offers were outbid so my friend recommended us Mark and with him, we got a house with the first offer! On such a HOT market, our offer was accepted when the house was listed for sale and before it went public, which helped us avoid multiple offers, ALL thanks to Mark's work and professionalism! He was always available to answer any of our questions and was extremely responsive! My family is so happy that we met him! Thank you again Mark if you are reading it! Go with Mark and you'll 100% won't regret it!
We found our perfect townhome with Mark's help. Mark was really helpful and easy to work with. He always does his research beforehand and provides very useful information. We are satisfied with Mark's service.
Highly to recommend
We did consider another realtor first who straight away told us our price was too high. We had put lots of upgrades into the property and felt there were no comps that reflected what we had done. Mark offered to try listing very close to our asking price and within 2 weeks sold our condo at a favorable price with no hassle.
Mark offered to try listing very close to our asking price
Selling our home with Mark Kelner was a seamless and stress free process. He was very personable. He listened to our ideas and requests and always available. His knowledge of the market helped us sell quickly at a great profit. He will be the listing agent for our income properties as well.
Seamless and stress free process
Mark was amazing to work with. He always had our wants and needs in mind when searching for a house as well as negotiating. My husband and I closed on our first home today thanks to Mark and his team. Closing was so seamless and quick.
Mark was amazing to work with
This is HOW the REAL estate professional has to work in 2021! Fast, reliable, smart. He found our dream home! Mark has extraordinary skills in psychology, only few questions over the phone and he had an idea who we are and what we need. Thanks to him home buying process was sooo easy. On all questions he always had answers. Timing? If Mark says one day, it's one day. Thank you, Mark!
Fast, reliable, smart
Mark was amazing to work with. His listening to our wants, needs and our budget. He was always very responsive and guided us through the process with purchasing our first home. 100% recommended Mark for your realtor needs.
100% recommended Mark for your realtor needs
Mark really went above & beyond for me. He gave great suggestions, and paid close attention to every property we visited, showing me the good and the bad. Helped with the finance portion of the deal as well. Mark made the process smooth throughout.
Mark really went above & beyond
We hired Mark to sell several buildings for us. It was a bit challenging due to Covid restrictions and occupied units. We sold very quickly and for highest sale in the area. Mark was great at communication and negotiating with the buyers. He walked us through the inspection process and stayed in contact till closing. Will recommend and definitely use him again.
Sold Several Buildings at the Highest Price
Mark knows the city really well, and was extremely pro active in finding options that suited what I was looking for exactly. He also has a really friendly and unpushy style that makes me comfortable to really enjoy the apartment viewings etc. Highly recommended.
Knows the City Really Well
I’ve worked with Mark Kelner on several occasions and every time he has proven to show great professionalism, work ethic and knowledge of local markets.
Great Professionalism, Work Ethic and Knowledge
Mark was very helpful. Very knowledgeable in showing us little details we would never paid attention. Especially things related to kitchen. I’d definitely recommend him for my friends.
Very Helpful
Mark really went above and beyond for me. He gave me great suggestions, and paid close attention to every property we visited, showing me the good and the bad. Helped me with the finance portion of the deal as well. Mark made the process smooth throughout. Also to note: Mark was very easy going, not pushy at all.
Made the Process Smooth Throughout
Mark was very professional and had the experience to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for in a new home. He worked with me to figure out exactly what I was looking for and made me feel like I was a priority when it came to finding the right place for me. I'm very happy with the service and level of care that Mark and United Realty has provided to me and I'm so excited to move into my new home! I hope everyone gets to have the same experience and attention from their realtor that Mark gave me and I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to purchase and/or sell a home.
Very Professional
Mark is amazing to work with. He is always finding new houses for me to go see and will always work around your schedule. We are still looking, but I know we'll finding something soon!
Amazing to Work With
Throughout the sale of my property Mark was extremely proactive and transparent throughout the entire process. He did all the market research and we landed on a sales price that was perfect for my family and more than I expected. Mark was constantly keeping me up to date on progress and new directions he would like to take to expedite the sale of my property. Mark personally went to my property and performed a 3D virtual tour. it was extremely intuitive and a useful tool in the pandemic situation. It was a pleasure to work with him on such a professional and personal basis. Mark handled negotiation and advocated for the maximum sales price I wanted. He was on top of things until the closing day. I will absolutely recommend him to my family and friends as a top professional in his field.
Top Professional In His Field!
Mark has been great! We have been looking for a house for a while now, but just cant make up our mind. His patience and knowledge goes a long way in helping us find our permanent home. Mark is always available and always helps us answer the millions of questions that we have. We highly recommend Mark to anyone in the market....
Highly Recommended!
Mark really helped me out, gave me recommendations for places to look, helped me through the finance portion of the deal, and even helped me move. It was a smooth process throughout. Highly recommend Mark.
Mark Really Helped Me Out
After having no success with our first agent, we listed with Mark who sold our home. Mark is an incredibly hard worker -always responsive and very determined to sell your property. He was professional and knowledgeable, taking that extra effort to make things work out. We would definitely recommend him!
Mark is an incredibly hard worker

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