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B arry Jilin President & CEO

Our CEO Barry Jilin is a graduate of DePaul University where he received his degree in Finance and Economics. His ability to successfully leverage his knowledge of the financial industry, marketing, business and his management expertise has been the key to his successful career. He is devoted to serving the needs of real estate buyers, sellers and Agents throughout the Metro Chicago area.

Barry has been an Ambassador for several non-profit organizations and is recognized for his support, charitable work, and continuous efforts to enhance the community. Barry currently serves on the Lisker Music Foundation board of directors and participates annually in the MS Ride for Life.

Barry sees United Realty Group as an opportunity to surround ourselves with the right people: to elevate ourselves, our Agents and our Clients. Barry cares deeply about providing great experiences for everyone he encounters. He understands that Agents are working harder than ever to provide the best for their Real Estate clients and is committed to being a brokerage that helps Agents grow their business and their lives.

Client Reviews
I served in the Marine Corps for 8 years and did a tour in Iraq in 2006. After leaving the service, I was looking for a reputable company to help me with the process of purchasing my first home. Although there are many companies that assist veterans with the purchase of their first home, I was very pleased to find United Realty Group and their team of professionals. Purchasing a home can be stressful and overwhelming but they made the process as smooth as possible and gave me peace of mind every step of the way. I am beyond thankful that they were there for me. Thank you to the Team at United!
I am beyond thankful that they were there for me
When others say no...Barry at United Realty Group has helped the people I’ve sent to him... a true pro!
A true pro

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