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Complete Guide to Buying A House in Your 20s

Who said you can’t be a homeowner in your 20s? Purchasing a home in your prime years is a lot more likely to happen than you might think. According to Zillow's mid-2021 Consumer Housing Trends Report, 17% (about 1 out of 5 people) of U...

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Condominium room space

Making the most out of Limited Condo Space

For many condo owners, one of the biggest challenges to living in this type of residential property is the lack of space. However, there are ways to make every inch of space useful to you, given a dash of creativity and great advice from ex...

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Two people discussing

Effective ways to Negotiate Rent with your Landlord

The process of finding a rental that caters to your needs and lifestyle may not be as tedious as buying a home, but there are certain nuances that should be ironed out once you do decide on a place to rent. Perhaps the most important of the...

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Keys money calculator and a minature house

How to Sell your Chicago Home Fast

Whether you are selling your home to get a substantial return on your investment or using the sale to finance a bigger home purchase, it is important to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. To ensure your listing doesn't stay...

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Couple looking at a house

First-time Home-buyer Here are 4 Handy Tips

A 2019 report on generational home-buying trends by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) states that 33% of homebuyers for that year were first-time homeowners. Of that figure, 86% were aged 28 years old and younger. It is reassuri...

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Couple Signing a Contract

The Millennial’s Guide to Reading a Lease Contract

Contracts are legally binding documents that seal an agreement among concerned parties. Most people have already come across these contracts and often found the legal jargon and the details difficult to digest in one sitting. However, the n...

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