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Growing up in Buffalo Grove, and the greater Chicagoland area, Mark Pasikhov developed a love for the city and its surroundings early on. An outgoing child, he spent every free minute in the city, a habit which stuck with him through young adulthood and gave him the opportunity to get to know Chicago and its immense diversity. This intimate knowledge of the area gives him meaningful insight into the financial, cultural, and practical elements of buying, investing, renting, and selling real estate locally. His upbringing as the child of Eastern European immigrant parents has given him the opportunity to become fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Russian; skills which he has used to broaden his personal and professional horizons and explore connections with a wide range of diverse people. Mark finds a special meaning in being able to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds on their terms, especially as it relates to helping them attain their real estate and financial goals. These skills have sharpened his ability to negotiate and find methods of achieving optimal results for his clients.

As a graduate of Lake Forest Academy, Mark developed a passion for learning which drove him to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Historical studies. Mark's creativity expanded into his daily life as an avid foodie who loves to explore different cultures, specifically Latin American food. Through his love of reading and writing, Mark has cultivated an imaginative mindset that allows him to analyze problems from a unique perspective and come up with truly creative solutions for all situations. Not one to over-emphasize any single aspect of his life, Mark maintains an active athletic lifestyle. He strives to be an active part of his surroundings by volunteering, and helping his community grow and prosper. His commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle, and the organizational skills that he has developed as a result, have been invaluable in his occupation as a Broker. His ability to multitask effectively has been essential in his effort to provide an experience for his clients that leaves them satisfied with every aspect of their purchase, investment, rental, or sale.

Coming from an immigrant household, Mark learned to value independence and respect as essential aspects to life. He views real estate as an avenue through which he can help people achieve that sense of freedom. Being able to help clients navigate the housing market is truly a passion which is laid in his sensibility towards trust and integrity. Building that trust is what Mark loves most about meeting new people. He aims to form truly meaningful and mutually helpful connections with co-workers and clients alike. Guiding clients to home ownership is Mark's true calling.

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