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K ian Nikanjam Real Estate Broker

Born and raised in Chicago's North Shore, Kian Nikanjam has cultivated a passion for his city. Kian's path has taken him to every corner of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He has always been defined by a sense of duty toward helping people along their journey. His local Chicago upbringing has provided him with the tools necessary to make him an expert in real estate. Kian holds an undergraduate degree from National Louis University with a BA in Applied Behavioral Sciences. Through his education, he has positioned himself in many situations that have evolved his understanding of clients' and peoples' wants and needs. Throughout his education, he was continuously exposed to all walks of life. These experiences have led to his intuition and skills translating into results in the real estate industry. Defined by purpose Kian always strives to ensure that whatever he does, he does it will full tenacity and vigor. His familiarity with real estate was further strengthened by his three years working as a property manager. His duties included maintaining properties and working directly with tenants and clients. He found this position to be an evolution point in his career and decided to create more impact by giving the public a realtor with a diverse background. This purposeful drive, paired with Kian's intimate understanding of all the Chicago land area, will be handy tools that will be applied to helping clients along their Real Estate journey.

Acquiring real estate services is undoubtedly a need that, hopefully, everyone will experience in their lifetime. It is a pivotal point for many families to begin their journey with a qualified and attentive realtor. The goal is to nurture and lead people into a new chapter in their life. Kian brings his expertise and knowledge to ensure people are informed, guided, and confident with any real estate services they need. Joining a team of influential brokers (MKgroup), Kian is now primed with the tools to provide clients with every avenue of sales and buying tactics needed to navigate the market. His knowledge of traditional and modern marketing tactics will undoubtedly work to the advantage of both sellers and buyers.

Besides work, Kian is heavily involved in continuous learning as much as he can about the current marketplace. He enjoys exercising, cycling throughout Chicago, and attending new events, restaurants, and entertainment centers. His puppy Elly is typically found on walks around Chicago's famous Navy Pier and Olive Park, one of his favorite places. Kian has a passion for automobiles and mechanics as well. His tenacity to learn is never quenched. He is always at the forefront of improving himself so that he can improve everyone's experience working with him.

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