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B randi Smith Executive Admin

Meet our Brandi, Executive Administrative Assistant. What the entire company likes about Brandi is her enthusiastic nature and approach in moving through the administrative details to assist in providing an overall smooth and delightful experience for everyone involved. Prior to joining the URG team, Brandi worked over 7 years within different sectors of the industry gaining indispensable experience and expanding her knowledge.

Having a go-to admin on our team is vital to our success. A master at handling multiple tasks in an organized, time efficient and correct manner, Brandi keeps it all together while the licensed Real Estate Brokers work with their clients. Her passion for real estate, business victory and team building has her constantly looking for ways to advance her education and knowledge. She provides more flexibility for our brokers so they can focus on what really matters, keeping their clientele happy, calm and informed throughout the sale and acquisition of real estate.

Born and raised in the Northside of Chicago. Off-hours, Brandi loves spending time with family and staying active indoors and outdoors, such as doing yoga and pilates, going on nature walks and sports such as billiards, bowling, and kayaking.

A mother of one, she is passionate about children’s advocacy and rights, and actively participates in various “Mom Meet-Up’s”. She is also passionate about raising DV awareness and mental health awareness and believes in “transforming pain into passion and purpose”.

Brandi also enjoys attending business networking events, galas, and mergers.

Client Reviews
We are so fortunate to have Brandi as a key part of our team! Quick learner, passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, detail-oriented, and pleasant to work with, Brandi quickly became an invaluable member of United Realty. Brokers and clients consider Brandi a trusted partner who supports them every step of the way.
Trusted partner
Brandi is AN ANGEL to work with, as she makes sure she communicates with everyone to get the work done and is great with responding in a timely manner.
Brandi is an angel to work with
"Brandi has always demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm for the services she offers on all of our specific projects. A valued individual of our overall team, she has always surpassed our expectations by going above and beyond. As a builder and remodeler, our overall success relies on the services provided by other companies and individuals such as Brandi."
She has always surpassed our expectations

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